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Dilmah The Original Earl Grey 8802

  • The legend of Earl Grey Tea
  • he tea that became known as ‘Earl Grey Tea’ combines tea with the flavour of bergamot
  • This original Earl Grey Tea offers a rich and strong enhanced with oil of Bergamot; it is a distinctive and unique flavour
  • Tight twisted deep blackish with brown and purple leaves. An assertive bergamot aroma is present in the dry leaf
  • Finely scented and well-balanced tea of rosewood colour (deep brown with orange hints) suggests a tea with a pronounced character
  • Indeed, on nosing the tea, one immediately senses a complex intermingling of flavours – florals, marzipan and sweet Christmas spices in addition to secondary aromas evocative of a floral garden and a fruit garden
  • Without doubt, a distinctive tea with body
  • Black tea, Bergamot Flavour